The Frog… known for quick cash deals and also great finance and lease programs for folks with all kinds of credit.  When others cannot finance you- WE CAN!  Let us help you- we are helping folks left and right… why not let us help you open your dream restaurant?

It’s our job to save you money.  That’s what we like to do.  One of our favorite phrases when we review sales of the day is, “that was a good deal for the customer.”  You might wonder why we say that?  Well for us it’s not about the almighty dollar, it’s about helping you like family.  That’s why our business is booming, that is why folks come from out of state and that is why our phones are off the hook and we have waiting lists for quotes.  Our prices are so low and when we commit to your project you are going to save money!

Quick note:  final savings not calculated but just put together a rather large restaurant… looking like we saved them more than 40% on their original quotes from others.  We just about died when we saw some of the high prices and “add-on” fees.

Treating this client- now as a friend- just like we would family.  That’s our job!  I wouldn’t look at my mom and say, hmmm… let me see if I can overcharge her on this equipment, or I think she’s worth another couple thousand, I’d say, mom, let me save you money here or mom, you don’t need this piece of equipment.  Sure, sometimes we sink deals from being so honest.  But at the end of the day it feels good to know we did right by others.  Why would we sell you equipment you don’t need?

I guess that is something that wrankles me, is when folks come in and tell me  they bought XYZ equipment and I know it was something they bought from a sales guy who just wanted to make the deal.  For us it’s not about that.  I want you to know, I’ll think outside the box to save you money, even if it means that I talk you out of a piece of equipment I have… because selling you what you need is most important to me.

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