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Restaurant Equipment Financing


Leasing or Financing:

One Fat Frog Restaurant & Commercial Equipment Programs are a Great Option! Whether you�re opening a business or have an existing business, finance and lease options can be a great way to stretch your capital. Many of our customers opt to lease equipment, rather than buy it outright.


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When you�re opening a food service facility, purchasing equipment and furniture represents the majority of start-up capital. It�s easy to get mired by unforeseen charges and costs. This is when financing and leasing helps you stretch your dollar. You do not need to be a restaurant or bar to quality for financing or leasing of equipment or furniture. This is perfect for lawnservices, golf courses, nursing homes, daycares, churches, synagogues, c-stores, mortuaries, laboratories, hospitals, lounges, hotels, motels and private schools who aren�t setting up a traditional restaurant.


Why Lease or Finance?

There are advantages to leasing equipment versus buying it outright. Budget is the number one advantage to leasing or financing as you can spread out the payment over a period of time. It will allow you to keep your overhead down times of economic downturn. By leasing restaurant equipment you can also have a top-of-the-line model installed for a fraction of the retail price. Longevity and productive life span of the equipment may be extended if you have a top quality product that will serve your facility for ten or twenty years rather than five to ten.

Poor Credit? No problem... we can get you $10,000 for a few hundred a month! This can be the difference between starting your restaurant, bistro or deli or dreaming. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has successfully opened many, many food service establishments on budgets of $5,000-! It is possible!


New Business

Are you opening a new restaurant and need to finance the cookline, dishwasher and front of the house? We work with franchises, independent, startups to finance new and used equipment, smallwares, hoods, furniture and delivery. We finance new and used restaurant equipment! Call either of our stores at (407) 480-3409 or (407) 936-2733 and ask for a credit application via email or fax. Email us at

We also welcome you to stop in at our showroom to find out same day approval:

S Orlando location: 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809


Existing Business

Do you need to expand your foodservice business and purchase a walk-in cooler, pizza oven, commercial range, hood system, or ice machine? Opening a restaurant is a costly endeavor and while major equipment purchases will slow down, but you still need to prepare for unexpected replacement equipment. Leasing and financing used equipment can be a good a good option for folks in lean times.


Credit Problems?

Don�t hesitate to apply if your credit is not up to par, we have several credit options available and work with MANY companies to find financing for you from traditional bank to percentage taken directly from your credit card charges!


Did You Know?

You can save money by purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment. We finance both NEW & USED equipment. We specialize in financing turnkey startup packages of new, used, equipment and furniture and smallwares. Pick stable payments- there are even options to pay out of your credit cards that you take in.

You can finance over a longer period of time or a shorter period of time. Save money for the rainy day or unexpected storm. At the end of your lease you may be able to purchase the equipment for $1- Buy 1 piece of equipment or an entire facility Simply click on the link below to complete the application. Let us develop a competitive restaurant financing program, with low, tax deductible monthly payments to meet your business needs.

If you're interested in restaurant equipment leasing / financing but aren't sure you qualify, just take a few moments to complete our online credit application form or call us directly. We will treat you with respect and dignity- we work with folks with C and D credit all the time and have many special finance groups and programs we can work with.

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